How Much Does It Cost To Go To Disney

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How Much Does It Cost To Go To Disney

Whether it’s your first time planning your Disney vacation or you’ve been 14 times in the past 7 years, cost is always a consideration. Wondering how much it costs to go to Disney World? We break down the costs you need to know, the unexpected, and how to get the most bang for your buck to answer the critical question: How much does a trip to Disney World cost?

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For starters, if you haven’t been to Disney in the past few years, things have changed. Not reading about the changes can lead to VERY expensive mistakes. You now need a reservation through the Disney Park Pass system in addition to an admission ticket.

A big change is coming at Disney World. You can now book a Disney World vacation up to 500 days in advance! This means you can book now for a visit in 2023. All you need is a $200 deposit if your trip is more than 31 days away. The balance is due 30 days prior to arrival.

For more information, as well as assistance with your booking, contact our partners at Get Away Today.

Figuring out how much it costs to go to Disney World can be difficult. Each expense has a lot of variation in the price range, so your choice will affect your results. It’s easy to see why many people choose to work with a Disney travel agent.

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In list form, these are the items you need to organize. Read on for a complete breakdown of each fee to help you determine your family’s answer to the question: How much does it cost to go to Disney World?

Editor’s Note: All ticket prices listed in this article are correct for Disney vacations booked in July 2022. They provide an idea of ​​Disney vacation prices. Disney’s pricing is complex and constantly changing. The actual price you pay will depend on when and where you travel.

A Walt Disney World vacation begins with the purchase of a park ticket. Additional tickets include Park Hoppers and/or the ‘Water Parks & More’ option.

The entrance fee to the national park depends on the day of visit. Tickets are more expensive to visit the park on weekends and during off-seasons such as holidays and summer.

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For travel in 2022, single-day ticket prices for all parks range from $109 to $159, depending on when you visit. Mid-week during the school year will be easier; Weekends and popular times like Spring Break and Christmas will cost more.

As you add more days with tickets, the daily price goes down. For example, if you buy a 6-day ticket, the price starts at $78 per day. Depending on the days you plan to visit, you can determine if purchasing a Disney Annual Pass makes sense for you.

If you’re just getting started and want to find out how much a Disney vacation will cost for your family, you can fill out this form and Get Away Today will contact you with a quote. the most special!

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The Disney Genie service provides priority access to some of Disney’s most popular attractions. The free FastPass system has been replaced.

This surcharge is $15 per day per person. Extras that can only be booked each morning of your trip.

If you think you’ll be using this service, make sure you budget for this expense or you could be in for a surprise at the end of your trip.

Do you live in the Sunshine State? Florida residents get special rates to visit Mickey. You’ll save 30 percent on a 3-day park ticket or 40 percent on a 4-day ticket.

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Florida residents must show proof of residency, so don’t make the mistake of buying these tickets if you’re not a Florida resident!

Disney also added a digital authentication method. If you are a Florida resident shopping through the Site, please complete the Florida Resident Information form when you check out.

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If you want to know how much it would cost to go to Disney World with your family, request a free estimate here.

Get Away Today is offering to celebrate your 2022 Disney vacation for just $200 down. Even better, final payment is due 30 days before your departure. So book your next Disney vacation and plan your next trip!

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the park is still at limited capacity. This means that all park guests must “reserve” their spot to visit the park through the Disney Park Pass system. The Park Skip option allows you to “hop” to another park after 2:00 p.m. m.

If you buy a multi-day pass, you must pay a “skip” for each day of the ticket, even if you only plan to skip one or two days.

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This can be very useful if you are traveling with your family. Plus, the time it takes to travel from one park to another means less time to enjoy a park!

Would you pay anything to ride three different coasters in one day (Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom, Slinky Dog Dash at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Expedition Everest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom) and then to EPCOT for three meals? in Le Cellier? Then you can jump from one park to another!

Want to visit all four national parks? This is a good decision that will affect the cost of your holiday. Photo: Sarah Gilliland

However, you may not want to jump from one place to another. Why? Because it takes time to get from one Disney World park to another. It’s easy to hop from EPCOT to Hollywood Studios because the parks are so close together.

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But it takes longer to jump from the Magic Kingdom to the Animal Kingdom. A ride on Disney’s free shuttle can take 45 minutes or more. That’s 45 minutes off your park time.

Many people plan to use the bunkers to go to the water park to cool off after a hot day at the park. In July 2022, Hurricane Lagoon is open, but Blizzard Beach is closed for renovations. No update has been given on when it is expected to reopen.

Where do you want to stay? This is an important question when planning a Disney World vacation. Photo: Sarah Gilliland

Staying at non-Disney hotels can mean savings, but you’ll need to factor in the time and cost of transportation to and from the parks each day, as well as park parking if you’re driving your own car.

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There are three categories of Disney World “on property” hotels: Economy, Moderate and Deluxe. Each hotel has standard rooms and preferred rooms. Each resort has its advantages and disadvantages.

For example, the luxury hotels are the most expensive (starting at $439 per night), but they are usually the closest to the park and have the best pools. Hotel prices can be very high during popular times of the year.

Budget resorts offer big savings (starting at $123 a night), but rooms are smaller and transportation to the park takes longer. Also note that the tax at All-Star resorts is 1% higher as these hotels are located in other provinces.

Disney Springs hotels are another great option to stay, but they are not located near the parks.

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Work with your travel agent and/or family to decide what is more important to you: the space or the savings from a hotel with no space?

One of our favorite ways to save money and get more at Disney World hotels is to rent DVC points. This is a program that allows non-Disney Vacation Club members to gain access to popular Disney resorts like the Grand Floridian for a small fee.

Learn about renting DVC points, as well as the pros and cons of the system, in this article. Do it

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