What Are The Different Kinds Of Love

What Are The Different Kinds Of Love – Love is addictive and people can’t get enough! Hormones released in your brain when you experience love cause euphoria and other positive feelings and make you want more. A great way to experience this feeling of love is to receive or give flowers.

We think that love only happens between romantic partners, but this is not true. People can experience eight types of love in different relationships, such as with romantic partners, friends, family, and even strangers on the street. Understand your favorite type (and its catalyst) with our explanations below.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Love

A catalyst is “an agent that prompts or accelerates significant change or action.” A love catalyst is a part of you that enhances your experience with that type of love. For example, self-love is catalyzed by the soul, and love is catalyzed by the mind. So your catalyst is an agent that creates some sense of love – we’ll get to that later.

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Because all forms of love are catalyzed differently, each love affects us differently. Like a bouquet of flowers, each flower is different, different forms of love can have the same effect. We’ve created eight love images to represent the type of love found in every relationship. Surprisingly, you can cultivate all kinds of love with the gift of flowers.

The ancient Greeks studied love and symbolized each type and gave each a Greek name. Now is the time to meet all kinds of love!

Philia is love without romantic attraction and occurs between friends or family members. It happens when two people share the same values ​​and respect each other – it is usually called “brotherly love”.

Pragma is a unique bond of love that matures over many years. It is an eternal love between couples who choose to put equal effort into their relationship. Achieving “Pragma” requires commitment and dedication. Instead of “falling in love”, you are “in love” and your partner wants to be with you forever.

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Storge is a natural love shared by parents and children as well as best friends. This unconditional love is built on acceptance and deep emotional connection. This love shows itself easily and directly in the relationship between parents and children.

Your memories encourage lasting relationships with other people. As you create more memories, the value of your relationship increases.

Eros is a natural love that appears as a natural instinct for many. Passionate love expressed through physical affection. These romantic gestures are not limited to kissing, hugging and holding hands. This love is the desire for another person’s body.

Your hormones ignite the fire in your body and you should be satisfied with the romantic actions of your smitten partner.

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Ludus is a childish and flirtatious love usually found in the early stages of a relationship (a.k.a. the honeymoon). This type of love consists of laughter, play and laughter between two people. Although common among young couples, older couples looking for love find this relationship more beneficial.

Mania is an obsessive love for a partner. This leads to unwanted jealousy or possessiveness – called codependency. The most obsessive love occurs in couples who have a balance of love for each other. The imbalance between Eros and Ludus is the main cause of mania. With healthy playfulness and romantic love, the damage of obsessive love can be avoided.

The survival instinct makes people desperately need their partner to find a sense of self-respect.

Philautia is a healthy kind of love that recognizes your worth and ignores your personal needs. Self-love begins with taking responsibility for your own well-being. It’s hard to describe the kind of love that comes from not being able to offer what you don’t have.

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Agape is the highest level of offered love. It is given without expecting anything in return. Offering agape is a decision to spread love in any situation—including harmful situations. Agape is not a physical act, it is a feeling, but the act of self-love can lead to Agape because self-control leads to results.

Like a bouquet, a combination of different types of love can create something beautiful that leaves an unforgettable impression. Expand your communication with the best love combinations. While there is no perfect equation for every relationship, this combination can give you insight into how to work different kinds of love into your relationship. After all, a happy heart is a healthy heart. See our recommended combinations below. Be aware of different love catalysts to help you enjoy different kinds of love.

Love is in the air, and now you know the perfect way to express it. We hope you love sharing the love! They say what goes around comes around, so why not give a beautiful flower or bouquet that shows your love? Happy love! Homo sapiens have a relationship; A happy and healthy relationship means LOVE!

From the moment we are born, we strive and thrive to have love in our lives throughout our lives. Generally, from the perspective of romance, we say that love is more than that, or that it is not the only love that people need. Let’s try to understand with the help of some questions:

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If you think the answer to that question is yes, do you think only one kind of love can fill all the gaps?

It cleanses more than just the cup of love. Every relationship we have with our parents or with ourselves requires a different type or combination of love.

So with today’s scriptures we will try to understand the type of love as suggested by the ancient Greeks. But before that, since this is the crux of this love and relationship list, let’s quickly understand what the catalyst for love is!

A catalyst is a part of you that enhances your experience with a certain type of love. It helps develop special feelings of love. Example: spiritual catalysts are responsible for uniting divine forces. This catalyst helps us improve our mood and feel more comfortable.

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Philia is often called “brotherly love”. Strong romantic attraction or love for a friend. It shows not only love but also an equal sharing of respect and value. It means platonic and sincere love. Here your mind is actively working to check which of your friends are on your wavelength and can trust you. Did you use the phrase you just clicked on?

This kind of love is somewhat similar to philia; it’s just more family oriented. Parents’ love for their children. There is no sexual interest here; it’s about connection, care, acceptance and emotional connection. There is a strong connection between these memories and love. The more memories you create, the better the value of your relationship.

Probably the hardest type to find! It focuses on the quantity and quality of love relationships with others. This love is like a variety of wine that matures and grows with others. This eternal love is developed not only by being with others, but through thick and thin. This feeling comes unconsciously (as a subconscious drive), but it makes you intuitive and purposeful.

It is also called erotic love and is named after the Greek god of love and fertility. It is usually associated with romantic, passionate and physical forms of love. Your attention is drawn from the body’s hormones, and you should be content with the romantic actions of your admired partner.

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While Eros is strong love, Ludus is light hearted and its initial phase. Play in a relationship keeps it alive, exciting, unique and adds an element of childlike innocence to it. It is characterized by feelings of dizziness, butterflies in the stomach and laughter. Although it is more common in young couples, older couples also try it.

Obsessive love is the only form best avoided. love is not a prerequisite for any relationship; it has actually been shown to be detrimental to healthy relationships. This unrequited love causes possessiveness, jealousy and dependency between partners. It develops primarily because there is a balance between the partners’ love (often through the balance between eros and Ludus).

Example: An overly dependent person in a relationship who has to constantly check in on the partner (especially domestic).

There are two types of philautia: healthy and unhealthy. A healthy form of Philautia focuses on loving, caring for and appreciating ourselves before offering to others. An unhealthy way, in spite of Philautia, is to become selfish, take the form of narcissism, seek fame, pleasure and wealth.

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